Newsletter April 2016


Finally Spring is just around the corner – I think we all have been yearning for it. This newsletter has primary focus on the many exciting workshops just around the corner. And then my first summer camp is a reality!

Workshops: I’ve had a rather tight schedule since the New Year and even more since I came back from my stay at my sifu Sam Tam’ s place in February. In fact, today I had my first “day off”, having worked 63 days in a row! Maybe a little bit to much, and of course the same reason, I have not been very active on either facebook, to advertise and give info out about workshops, etc. But it all eases slightly in a few weeks …

Qi Gong – teachers programme: Two weeks ago we had exam on module two with some diligent, hard working and inspiring students. Congratulations to you all – you can be proud of yourselves! A new class starts up June 4, and there are three vacant seats. So if you want to start to learn Qi Gong on a deeper level – then it’s time to sign up now:

DSC00113 - Kopi

And speaking of Qi Gong, remember that Qi Gong master Robert Peng come and give a workshop in Copenhagen this May. I have mentioned in a previous newsletter, the opportunity to offer my network that sign up and remember to write they are recommended by me that they get a special DVD Collection with Robert Peng.

Summer Camp July 2 – 10:
For the first time, I will have a very intensive summer camp. People are beginning to sign up and there are for the moment 6 empty seats. It is possible to register in several ways – all 9 days, one weekend only, two weekends, etc. The number of participants will be limited as intensity and focus on ideal learning environment has top priority, so do not hesitate too long to sign up. Check out the program here:
Upcoming workshops: The very fine program for Spring/Summer which I am proud to present are as follows:

April 30: Standing meditation and Fan form (10 am -3 pm)

May 1 Workshop Qi Gong (11 am – 3 pm)

May 14: Workshop feet (10 am to 2 pm)

17 May Lecture – “Women – fit, feminine and fantastic” (on my latest book) (7 pm – 9 pm) (Charlotte Haven)

May 21: Workshop Tai Chi (10 am – 2 pm)

May 23: Meditation Workshop/lecture (7 pm – 9.30 pm) (Charlotte Haven)

May 28: Workshop mobility and loosening exercises (10 am – 2 pm)

May 29: Workshop Daoyin 1. (Chinese self-massage) (1 pm – 5 pm)

June 4. – 5: Qi Gong, teachers programme!

June 11: Workshop Daoyin 2. (Chinese self-massage) (10 am – 2 pm)

June 12: Workshop shoulder girdle (1 pm – 5 pm)

Spring Greetings