When you receive teaching from a teacher from the Danish Center of Taiji og Qigong you are guaranteed teaching at a very high and competent level. All teachers have many years of practical and theoretical experience in Taiji and Qigong and keep on receiving teaching and supervision themselves, – in the acceptance that Taiji is a life long process with no limit for development. Besides the qualification in Taiji and Qi gang – all teachers have studied and qualified in anatomy, pedagogy and psychology as well.

The teaching takes place in a relaxed atmosphere with clear hands on demonstration of the teaching subjects.  Since all students come with different background and understanding, the teaching will be suited to meet the students at his or her level. The founder and head instructor of the school is Torben Bremann, who has been teaching since 1988.

Ongoing Classes Autumn/Winter 2020:
Mondays: Taijiintensive (closed Group).
Tuesdays: 18:00. – 19:00 Wuji Standing Meditation and Qi Gong (Susan Surgey)
Tuesdays: 19:00. – 20:00 Taiji – beginner and intermediate (Susan Surgey)
Thursdays: 18:00. – 19.00. Taiji – Sam Tam’s Form/Swordform, etc. (Torben Bremann)
Thursdays: 19:00. – 20.00  Pushhands/partnerwork (Torben Bremann)

Tuesday classes are held at:
Rygklinik Gladsaxe, Vandtårnsvej 76, 2860 Søborg.

Thursday classes are held at:
Gladsaxe Sportshal, Vandtårnsvej 55, 2860 Søborg, B-lokalet first floor,

New students are accepted in September and January. During these periods, you are welcome to come and participate in one free class. The rest of the year it is only possible by prior agreement.

– 1 month: Once a week: 70 Euro (Twice a week 85 euro)
– 3 months: Once a week: 160 Euro (Twice a week 190 euro)
– 6 months: Once a week  270 Euro (Twice a week 320 euro)

Private lessons by appointment

All payment is in advance.