When you train with us at the Center for Taiji and Qigong, you are guaranteed to receive instruction and guidance at a highly competent level.

All instructors at the Center for Taiji and Qigong have many years of both practical and theoretical experience in Taiji and Qigong, and they all continue receive instruction and supervision in recognition that Taiji is a lifelong learning process.

Training is carried out in a relaxed atmosphere where clear and precise instructions and demonstrations are given.

All students have different levels of ability and understanding. Teaching is therefore carefully planned in order to meet each student there where they are.

The founder of the school and main teacher is Torben Bremann. Torben has been teaching since 1988 and is an accomplished author of many books on the subject, including the bestseller – Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Standing Meditation.

Weekly classes Autumn/Winter 2020:
Mondays: 14:00. – 15:00 Baduanjiin Qi Gong (Huong Le)
Taijiintensive: 18:00. – 21:00 (closed Group).
Tuesdays: 09:00. – 10:15 Wuji standing Meditation and Qi Gong (Torben Bremann) Start October 6. The class runs for 8 times. Price: 1200
Tuesdays: 18:00. – 19:00 Wuji Standing Meditation and Qi Gong (Susan Surgey) Start September 15.
Tuesdays: 19:00. – 20:00 Taiji – beginner and intermediate (Susan Surgey) Start September 15.
Thursdays: 14:00. – 15:00 Baduanjiin Qi Gong (Huong Le)
Thursdays: 18:00. – 19.00. Taiji – Sam Tam’s Form/Swordform, etc. (Torben Bremann) Start september 3.
Thursdays: 19:00. – 20.00  Pushhands/partnerwork (Torben Bremann)

Rygklinik Gladsaxe, Vandtårnsvej 76, 2860 Søborg

Gladsaxe Sportshal, Vandtårnsvej 55 (B-lokalet, 1st floor), 2860 Søborg

New students are always welcome. In September and January, you are welcome to take part in a free trial session.

– 1 month:  one day each week:  DKK 500,- (2 days each week: DKK 600,-)
– 3 months:  one day each week:  DKK 1200,- (2 days each week:  DKK 1400,-)
– 6 months:  one day each week:  DKK 2000,- (2 days each week:  DKK 2400,-)
– 1 month + 2 private lessons: DKK 1600,-
– 3 months + 6 private lessons:  DKK 3500,-

Private tuition also available by appointment

All payments to be made in advance via bank transfer or by cash at the first lesson.

Bank details:

Regnr:  4420

Kontonr. (account number):  3332019171