It is important to be aware of that a lineage is nothing more – than a lineage. It doesn´t say anything about a persons skill, level of understanding or for that matter capability to teach and transmit what he or she might know. It is however an important information of a teachers background and give some ideas of what direction the teaching might take. It is not enough to be linked to a good teacher – it is of course a great help – but in the end it comes up to the individuals capability to understand, analyze, absorb and integrate in the mind and body what he or she learns – and most of all practise!

Unfortunately  there is a tendency today that some people take up teaching with only very little knowledge. This is not fair to Taiji or Qigong – and especially not towards the students. It is a big responsibility to take up teaching – and you need to have a deeper understanding of the issues to be taugth – theoretically and with practical experience. And that takes years to accomplish!

Torben Breman has – or has had – a close relationship to his different teachers – with thousands of hours as a student on a “one to one” basis. The learning process has taking place over many years – with extended periods where he either has lived at his teachers place or the other way round. And he keeps on receiving teaching, guidance and supervision – always seeing himself as a student of Taiji and Qigong.


Other teachers
Besides the main teachers listed above it is worth mentioning the following teachers who has contributed with teaching or guidance:
– Chen Guan Ming
– Chu King Hung
– Feng Zhigiang
– Lau King
– Patrick Kelly
– Peter Ralston
– Yek Sing Ong
– Wu
– Jeng
– Shen Shen Yuan
– Kim
– Shu
– William Chen
– Huai Hsiang Wang
– Tien
– Lin