Newsletter March 2016, 2.


First of all a happy Easter to everyone!

   It has been a hectic and exciting period for me with many workshops, satisfied and positive participants, my new book on womens health out, which off course included a chapter on Tai Chi, standing meditation, etc – and then there are all the exciting workshops just around the corner!
Next weekend’s test and diploma for the participants in the Qi Gong, teachers programme, a new start allready in June for people who want to learn Qi Gong and later take it up as a teacher, a good deal and the opportunity to participate in Qi Gong master Robert Peng’s workshop in May – and then finally it is a reality with my very intensive summer camp!

Book on womens health:
A couple of weeks ago, I released my new book focusing on women’s health in Charlottehaven on International Women’s Day, March 8, with an amazing turnout! Thank you. Just as it was possible with my latest book – Tai Chi, Qi Gong and standing meditation – if anybody are interested in selling the book in their own network and earn a little on that – let me know. The publishing company has some good deals, just like it was the case with the Tai Chi book, which by the way sell’s very nicely. Link to the women’s health book is here: shop/hobbyboeger/sport/ kvinder/

There has been a lot of workshops this year already. Hardworking and dedicated students. From the stickform to the Fan form, from the shoulder girdle to relaxation and body awareness, from loosening exercises to master Sam Tam’s form, etc.
And there is way more to come … And even though I sometimes come to think of some of my teacher’s quotes when some of my students last Summer visited him in Vancouver and he watched them performing either the form or the swordform, “A liitle more terrible, cleaning ladies or the Taliban?”, I know everybody are doing their absolutely best to learn and/or improve the sometimes challenging movements, especially in the stick- or fan form.
There are a number of exciting workshops just around the corner – check them out here:

April 9: Posture (10-5) http://www. kropsholdning-kursus-torben- bremann

April 10: Workshop meditation (1-5) http://www. workshop-meditation-siddende- staende-og-gaende

April 30: Standing meditation and the Fanform (10-3) vifte-og-stokform-cdbde7- 3f4f0f

May 14: Workshop feet (10 to 2) workshop-levende-foedder

Qi Gong, teachers programme:
This coming weekend there will be examination on block two of the most diligent students I personally have seen for a long time! I will look forward to see your improvements.
As I mentioned earlier, there will be a new class starting up already in June (4. – 5.) for people who are interested in learning Qi Gong and enroll in the teachers programme. As I write this newsletter there are 4 empty seats left, so it is time to sign up! qi-gong-uddannelse-735fe1

Qi Gong master Robert Peng:
Last year I had the opportunity to participate as a VIP to Robert Peng’s first workshop in Copenhagen ever. Robert certainly has something to offer, and I have the opportunity to offer my network that sign up and remember to write they are recommended by me that they get a special DVD Collection with Robert Peng.
The absolutely first one who choose to sign up directly to me will get a FREE TICKET to Saturday and Sunday! mere-energi-samt-bedre- helbred-robert-peng-seminar-i- kbh.html

Summer camp:
It has finally become a reality – my first summer camp! I have thought about doing it for more than 20 years, and have received many, many requests over the years from Danish and foreign students if I wanted to establish one – and now the time has finally come.
Initially it will be a non-residential camp taking place in my home and garden, with a very intensive course of 7 hours daily for 9 days!
All teaching is done by myself. There will be several enrollment options ranging from the full 9 day, one weekend only, two weekends, one day and three days.
The number of participants will be limited (since I put out the danish newsletter yesterday 5 people have already signed up), so early registration will be an advantage if you want to make sure it is not sold out.
I can promise you it is a very exiting programme I have put together! I have set the price relatively low (and lower for foreign students).
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions whatsoever.
Link to the programme is here:

All the best