Wee Kee Jin

Wee Kee Jin (1956-) was born in Singapore in 1956. He started learning Taiji Quan in 1980 and in 1983 he moved to Kuching in Malaysia to live and practice with Grandmaster Huang at his school. From 1987 to Huangs death in 1992, Wee Kee Jin served as translator and assistant to Grandmaster Huang on his travels to his schools. On these travels Wee Kee Jin gained a profound knowledge of Grandmaster Huangs Taiji Quan and he is acknowledged as the last in-door student of the Grandmaster.

Wee Kee Jin now resides in Auckland, New Zealand, where he teaches Taiji Quan for a living. Here he receives students from all over Europe during the spring and summer – the fall and winter of the northern hemisphere. During the European spring and autumn He travels to Europe where he gives Workshops in Denmark, UK, Germany and Holland.

Wee Kee Jin is a very patient and thorough teacher who always bring his point’s home with hands – on demonstrations. His considerate and inspiring way of teaching is much appreciated by his numerous students.

wee kee jin

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One comment to “Wee Kee Jin”
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