Sam Tam

Sam Tam (1940-) was born in Mainland China and is out of a family that for generations has specialized in martial arts and/or medicine. From childhood he grew a strong character combining intelligence, passion, perseverance and competitiveness. He started learning martial arts alreday in the 1940´s and because of his fathers occupation as a doctor in the Chinese armed forces, he learned from high level military martial art instructors.

He is a living encyclopedia of knowledge, theoretically and practically. Among many of the things and persons he has learned from was Eagle Claw (Lau Fat Mang), Yiquan (Han Xingyuan, Yu Pengxi), Taijiquan ( Zhang Xiang Wu, Qi Jiangtao), Xingyiquan ( Han Xingyuan, Zhang Xiang Wu), Baguazhang ( Han Xingyuan, Zhang Xiang Wu), Shuaijiao ( Chang Dongshen), and many others …

He is very, very skillful and never hesitate to give clear demonstrations of his abilities in the internal martial arts. And in contrast to many other well know teachers who only let their own students touch them or do pushhands with them during workshops and demonstrations, he always allows everybody to touch and feel him. No staged performances here! Theory is backed up with clear practical demonstrations.

sam tam

2 comments to “Sam Tam”
2 comments to “Sam Tam”
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